Recurring Billing for ISC (now integrating aMember Pro!)

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Recurring Billing for ISC (now integrating aMember Pro!)

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I have two recurring modules currently out there and I am proud to announce a new one. The first module I created allowed you to create subscription products where recurring payments were setup using ARB API and ISC. The second was a popup window that had a one-page checkout and still utilized the ARB API. The new module is a integration of aMember ( and ISC.
The new module allows you to setup products in your store and mark them as subscription products like the previous two but now changes the way the recurring payments are managed.

When an order is placed with a recurring product, each product that is a “subscription” product gets added to the aMember system, each as their own subscription. The first payment is handled by ISC then all subsequent payments are handled using aMember. When recurring payments are made aMember will add the order to ISC so that it can be fulfilled.

What is so great about this module is that it does not rely on a payment processors API but simply re-bills the credit card on file when it is time for a new payment. So any payment processor supported by ISC and aMember are now applicable candidates for use with this module. On top of that the store admin can benefit from all of the functionality, reports and backend features of not only ISC but aMember as well! This is quite simply the biggest and most dramatic change to the recurring module since I created my first version.

What is so great as well is that to the front end user nothing has changed during the checkout process. No extra steps or modifications are needed whatsoever to the checkout process!
If you have any questions or comments please contact me at or message me on Skype at Dustin013.
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Re: Recurring Billing for ISC (now integrating aMember Pro!)

Post by punnia »

I have integrated with ... oices.html for recurring invoices and its amazing. I can now schedule up invoice recurring which automatically starts.

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