Add Product Keys to Orders - Complete Product Key Management

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Add Product Keys to Orders - Complete Product Key Management

Post by ThinkGenius »

This module allows your to add / edit / manage products keys to be attached to orders where products may need a product attached to the order. You can attach product keys to products one at a time or copy paste the keys in bulk directly from the add / edit products page from the administration panel.

When products containing keys are ordered the order confirmation email sent out contains the product key. Also in the order status panel and the completed orders panel on the front-end users can view their keys associated with the products they purchased. The key is also displayed in the backend in the orders panel for quick referencing.

You can view which keys are assigned as well as delete them from the assigned list so they can be issued again should you have the need to do so. Once a key is assigned it will not be assigned to another order, preventing duplicate keys from issued.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at or search Skype for Dustin013.
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Re: Add Product Keys to Orders - Complete Product Key Manage

Post by dannypritchett01 »

Does anyone in the world have this exact mod? I contacted Dustin aka ThinkGenius and he said this mod has been replaced by another mod called the Voucher Management System located at ... nt-system/ which doesn't even do what I want. I need to be able to add, update, and distribute product keys. I then asked if he had the original and how much it was and never got a reply. So my question for the members that may have the older version is... If you are no longer using Interspire Shopping Cart and have moved onto another shopping cart and bought this mod. Can I buy it from you? I don't know if this is ok and forgive me if its not but I am really needing this mod and I can't find a decent freelancer to code something like this for me. Everyone must have forgotten how Interspire worked. lol.

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