Finally! The Unofficial ISC Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade!

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Finally! The Unofficial ISC Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade!

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INVELO: The Unofficial Interspire Shopping Cart Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade (Responsive Rewrite / 3rd Party Support & MORE)


This is for all you people out there who are running Interspire's stand alone shopping cart who wish they still sold a version you could host and modify to function anyway you would like your shopping cart to run. The last official update was version 6.1.9. Sadly, the best e-commerce platform on the market was converted into a hosted shopping cart, which is amazing don’t get me wrong, but it lacks one key feature… The ability to customize the core functionality of the cart specifically tailored to operate based on your businesses needs. Whether it is backend functionality, front-end features, or just modifications to the general appearance of the cart that are not possible without being able to access the database directly or the PHP files that generate the dynamic content that feeds into the template system. Having that ability allows you to take a feature rich e-commerce platform that isn’t bloated, doesn’t require a manual and weeks of training to learn how to use and make the platform work for you, in anyway you need it to.

I started off with Interspire years and years ago and I have worked on 100’s of sites for all types of clients. From apparel, to technology, from precious metals to digital media, I have seen Interspire help businesses thrive for nearly a decade. When Interspire quit selling their stand alone cart, I had so many clients require fixes and updates as API’s and 3rd party integration functionality become deprecated. As Google continues to hone their standards for organic rankings, frameworks such as jQuery become more advanced and payment processors change their integration requirements myself and my colleagues have been on top of keeping Interspire up to date.

We have upgraded all the JS and jQuery libraries, modified all the front-end code that has been deprecated over the years, added 1000s of modifications and a slue of add-ons any e-commerce store can benefit from. The last version of ISC 6.1.9 was released in 2013 and for 3 years we have seen various 3rd party system break, payment processors need re-coding, 3rd party integration with Google Shopping, YouTube, etc... all break down with no fixes in sight without custom development. Well, we are happy to introduce what we are calling the Unofficial Version 7 Upgrade nearly any version of Interspire to a whole new level that has so many goodies and modifications that it will help any e-commerce site thrive. We have re-tooled the reporting, added many tools to help you integrate with 3rd party services such as Amazon, built extremely function rich add-ons such as Loyalty Rewards Systems, Voucher Management Systems, updated the site to Google's current standards for e-commerce sites in compliance with

The list is massive and so are the features. We have focused on a build that will work for nearly everyone, allowing them to easily modify our new 100% responsive template with ease making the site their own as easy as possible. We are utilizing the industries standards for code optimization, page load times, we have added bootstrap, new URL structures are in place allowing for custom SEO friendly URLs for pages, categories, products, brands, and so much more. What is better is all the custom links will initially populate themselves. All your data will be migrated over so your orders, customers, products, etc… will all remain in tact.

Interspire is a great platform and when the self hosted edition stopped selling we have been working year round every year to keep the cart more than just what it was, but strive to make it all it can be. What is great about this release is we have determined a fixed price for the update which is simple enough to apply in a day for most sites without downtime, while retaining ALL of your data. In the past we have sold individual add-ons, which we still do, but now we are taking some of the best and putting them in one amazing package ready for use right away.

Here is a partial feature enhancements list:

- Slideshow Manager
- Flash Banner Manager
- Top Line Flash Message
- Mega Menu
- Complete Twitter Bootstrap 3 Layout
- 100% Responsive Layout
- Updated jQuery + updated JS plugins
- YouTube API Version 3 Update
- TinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade
- Adobe Aviary Integration
- Products Per Page
- Canned Customer Responses
- Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking
- Yahoo / Bing Ads Conversion Tracking
- Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
- Enhanced Google Shopping Variations Feed
- Microformats
- Social Media Manager
- Faster Loading
- SEO Optimized
- Create Gift Certificates
- Open Graph Ready
- CIM Payment Profiles (Safely save Credit Card data for express checkout)
- Loyalty Store Rewards System (Allows for customers to earn points and redeem them)
- Custom URLs for Products, Categories, Pages and Brands

Anyone who purchases our update package will get 1yr of support and free updates as well as a membership to our development community where every single member using our upgrades will have a say in what gets developed next, can report any bugs that will receive the upmost priority, can request features to be added and can rest assured that their e-commerce platform is alive and active and your options and needs matter to us. We are very much dedicated to keeping Interspire alive and running at its best.

Over the course of the year we will release multiple updates based on customer feedback. We will prioritize the needs of the community and allow everyone using the unofficial update to be part of the continued maintenance and development of the stand alone version of Interspire Shopping Cart. Some of the features coming next are full PHP 7 and MySQLi support. Right now this current update will run on PHP 5.2* – 5.6*. With a fully responsive template build using industry standards such as Twitter Bootstrap, CSS and a completely re-optimized database we already are seeing drastic results in page loads. However, with PHP 7 and MySQLi we can cut the loading time yet again by 30-50%. We are really excited to get this update out.

So if you are running on an older version of Interspire that is out of date, or is simply having issues, or simply want to take advantage of thousands of hours of development and testing that will make your current Interspire store better than it has ever been we have the easiest and most valuable update we have ever made available to the public without being a completely custom tailored job for a specific client. We are in the process of setting up a list of all the features, add-ons, mods, fixes, etc… I will update this post with a public link for all to be able to test out soon. Until then if you are interested in a sneak peak at the new ISC Unofficial Version 7 release demo please feel free to contact me and we can arrange for a private viewing as we are looking for a few interested parties to tell us what they think of the software and see how well the features are received.

We have a fully functional responsive template and we also have in addition a completely revamped mobile version if you want a mobile specific site. This update includes many of our popular add-ons and mods. Of course we still offer hundreds of additional modifications and add-ons that are custom tailored for specific tasks such as shipping and fulfillment, customer support, 3rd party integration, custom functionality and so forth. All of those modifications are supported with this update. If you have custom work done to your cart and you are running version 6.0.11+ its likely that you can keep that custom functionality without much work to migrate the changes over required. We have documented and commented EVERY edit to every file so you can quickly identify our modifications. We have a GIT repository in place that will be private for anyone who purchases this update that will allow developers to upgrade easier as we continue to develop and enhance this amazing e-commerce platform.

Check out our new domain that we are using to promote and notify everyone interested about the new update as well as demo off the update for both the front-end and the back-end additions and modifications. The demo is currently viewable upon request only, however that will change soon. So if you are interested in a completely overhauled Interspire update for your existing Interspire store please contact us here:

Thanks for reading!

Jon Catoe & Dustin Holdiman

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Re: Finally! The Unofficial ISC Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade!

Post by Martin »

It's an interesting idea but there's a couple of points to address here.

1. You have no actual demo available
2. You don't post a price, which I know a lot of people hate, myself included
3. There's a serious question about the legality of code ownership, etc...
4. I personally have to ask if you have any connection to the end-user who used to be known as Mr_ISC and who pulled the stunt with his "upgrade" that was time limited and intended to deliberately force people to jump to his model.

I'm interested in seeing what you've actually done with it all as there was definitely potential and I hacked and slashed many of the things you apparently addressed but trust me I'd be the one to come back with a list of things to address...

... Oh and the other thing to bear in mind. You are coming in the coat tails of a company that shafted every one of their customers in favour of a SAAS model, so trust has to be earned. That's not a reflection on you necessarily but anyone who has been there will be very wary I'm sure.

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Re: Finally! The Unofficial ISC Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade!

Post by myshop »

Interested - But the legal side would need to be explained first.

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