[ISC] Version 5.0.4 released

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[ISC] Version 5.0.4 released

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This is a pretty heft release with a lot of changes:
http://www.interspire.com/forum/showthr ... #post53435

Change Log
Bug Fixes / Changes
  • Bug #5268: Authorize.net invalid error message on curl error
  • Bug #5270: Missing CMS pages redirect to home page
  • Bug #5273: Discount rules and product downloadable files are not copied when coping a product
  • Bug #5274: Customers can't edit their account details or addresses
  • Bug #5257: Using design mode to modify the wishlist page breaks the template causes "panel not found" errors.
  • Bug #5281: Manual orders loads products original price instead oftheir set price
  • Bug #5292: Customer details are not showing on packslips of guest orders
  • Bug #5293: Order amount on the thanks for payment page for offline payment methods should be in store default currency.
  • Bug #5294: PHP error when PayPal ping back with declined status
  • Bug #5295: SideVendorPageList panel is missing from the sub page of a vendor created pages
  • Bug #5296: Customer statistics shows incorrect record for guest customers
  • Bug #5300: Toys store design is missing the beginning slash for the comment at the top of the stylesheet
  • Bug #5299: List of popular products on category pages does not load the product thumbnail
  • Bug #5298: Running cron scripts via the command line gives an "undefined index HTTP_HOST" error
  • Bug #5303: Unable to set the value from the database when retrieving a single form field
  • Bug #5305: Can't purchase gift certificates if the 'Percent off items in Category' rule is enabled
  • Bug #5306: Can't apply coupons during checkout if they have the same length as a gift certificate code
  • Bug #5310: Discount rules aren't re-evaluated when re-ordering items
  • Bug #5312: MoneyBookers supports additional currencies than what are included in the module
  • Bug #5313: Redirection loop when accessing the checkout using some of the new SSL options
  • Bug #5314: Authorize.net is using the billing company and country instead of their own payment form fields
  • Bug #4688: Integrate with "Interspire Secure Payment Gateway" as the default checkout provider
  • Bug #5331: Coupons can't be applied for new ISC installations
  • Bug #5332: Product description is not visible for some products in category product list mode for Toys template in IE6
  • Bug #5333: Tab field separator can't be used when importing data
  • Bug #5334: Cybersource is not sending cvv2
  • Bug #5326: Discount rules, using gift certificates or store credit don't work with PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Bug #5344: Exporting needs error handling when attempting to create the temporary file
  • Bug #5318: PayJunction now supports VISA, Amex, Mastercard and Discover
  • Bug #5361: Product variation price is not calculated correctly when adding the product to cart
  • Bug #5363: Updated GeoIP database file
  • Bug #5365: Express checkout isn't loading the javascript from the correct URL when using shared or subdomain SSL
  • Bug #5364: Shop path variable is set incorrectly when using shared or subdomain SSL
  • Bug #5366: Email invoices generated from manual orders are missing some tax language variables
  • Bug #5368: Tax may not be saved when using 'Use billing/shipping address' options under some circumstances in manual orders
  • Bug #5357: Insert an Unsubscribe Link button broken
  • Bug #5375: Emailed gift certificates show a missing snippet error message
  • Bug #5380: "Password reset request sent" page in control panel does not use AdminLogo setting
  • Bug #5381: Control panel forgot password email is worded poorly and could do with a touch up
  • Bug #5383: Viewing product statistics that don't have date range sorting shows a lonely "Go" button
  • Bug #5389: Product searching in the popup dialog isn't filtered by category when a category is selected
  • Bug #5104: List advanced filters interface is buggy in Chrome
  • Bug #5390: Popup product search can stall when searching by keyword with a large amount of products
  • Bug #5391: Fedex doesn't like the thousand separator in the weight
  • Bug #5395: Checkout link is empty when using shared SSL and you're already on the same host as the shared SSL path
  • Bug #5398: Numerous issues with PayLeap module (also add support for voids, captures, refunds)
  • Bug #5393: Ogone payment method doesn't work
  • Bug #5399: CSS error when showing sub categories in the category panel using the Software template
  • Bug #5405: HomeSaleProducts panel shows even when there are no products to be shown
  • Bug #5407: Incorrect product image is attached when add a product with no images
  • Bug #5408: Statistic overview graph doesn't show records for the current day for store in GMT - time zone
  • Bug #5409: Vendor photo and logo can't be deleted from edit a vendor page
  • Bug #5410: A few layout problem in toys template
  • Bug #5417: Images uploaded through image manager with a space in the filename do not appear correctly
  • Bug #5418: Downloadable product files can't be downloaded when you've restricted access to product_downloads/
  • Bug #5421: Inventory tracking not being enabled when importing
  • Bug #5422: Notification tests work even if you haven't configured the notification method, they should alert you instead.
  • Bug #5419: Test notifications should mention they're actually tests, and not live notifications
  • Bug #5435: Exporting data via export templates uses temporary directories that the user may not have access to
  • Bug #5434: Express checkout page HTML doesn't validate
New Features / Feature Changes
  • Feature #5159: Ability to upgrade stores via a command line API
  • Feature #5338: Added support for target attribute in control panel sub-menu links
  • Feature #5342: Palm Pre now uses the iPhone interface
  • Feature #5424: FraudGuard support for SecurePay module, rewrite of SecurePay module to handle errors correctly
  • Feature #5425: Ability to edit email template snippets & other nested sub directories from the email template editor
  • Feature #5427: Generic template file to specify the footer for all outgoing email from the store
  • Feature #5445: Add support to generate errors when saving a checkout module settings
Other Changes:
  • Typo on the template name for the hidden block template used in customer groups
  • Ability to disable addons via the white label file
  • Rewrote how permissions are handled for store administrators
  • Tweaked the dashboard HTML and Javascript to explicitly target the sales performance indicators grid
  • Removed Interspire comment from the top of the stylesheets for all of the templates
  • Comment out the HTTP Authorization lines in the htaccess file by default
  • CLI upgrade system should throw exit code of 0 when the store is already up to date
  • Replaced the GetLang() function with a new version that allows for paramaterised substitutions, leading to much more translator friendly language files
  • Make the version checking do an actual version_compare, rather than checking if values are equal
  • Change the order status from incomplete to cancelled deducts the inventory level.
  • Image manager needs to chmod the images after they've been uploaded to whatever the write permissions should be
  • Remove the setting that stores the AppPath in the config file and always set it programatically. This way we can ensure it is always correct, SSL page or not
  • When changing the store settings, make sure we're not propagating any settings we've changed in memory to the configuration file
  • Add a function to the base checkout provider class to get the base currency of the store at the time the order was created
  • Change all image and stylesheet paths to the new IMG_PATH and STYLE_PATH variables. Also ability to specify stylesheet and image paths in the config file for a template. - allows for easy loading of images off another server etc.
  • Rewrote the template class to support registration of template directories and priorities
  • Rewrote design mode to support the multiple template directory system and level inheritance
  • Template class should reset template directory array when SetTemplateBase is called. Gift certificates should instantiate their own template class
  • Modules should instantiate their own version of the template class and not hackily piggy back on to others.
  • Remove closing PHP tag from white label file
  • Update the code in the HomeSaleProducts panel to what's in the other product panels
  • DownloadFile function shouldn't delete any file unless explicitly told to
  • Don't load the vendor class for building a sub page list unless it is necessary.
  • Rebrand MSN notifications as Windows Live notifications
  • Fix typo - relative was spelt incorrectly causing menus to be pushed out of alignment when a parent element had a position of relative or absolute
  • Fix up the odd spacing on the form fields page if you're using the Starter edition
  • Slight tweak to intro text on the form fields page to better explain what they are
  • Remove accidently committed address label snippet
  • Fix up bug with email template editor when expanding directories
  • When using customised searching on the orders, the 'To' date needs to be on the last second of that day instead of the first
  • Google Checkout was clearing the GLOBALS['SNIPPETS'] array when constructing the button
  • AJAX would not fire off when logging in on the checkout

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