ISC6.x & PHP 5.5 work through

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ISC6.x & PHP 5.5 work through

Post by Martin »

As I'm still using this software for now and PHP5.5 has some significant improvements I'm working through the upgrade list assuming you're on PHP 5.4 (as we've dealt elsewhere with the problems that causes).

1. get_magic_quotes_runtime() and _gpc() now return false having been removed
Shouldn't affect anything and ISC seems to remove any magic quotes put in automagically anyway

2. register_globals disabled
Again should have been dealt with years ago so no apparent issues

3. Can't find any use of break or continue that involves variable calls.

4. Non-numeric string offsets is going to require a significant rewrite of existing code to replace:
isset() with array_key_exists as the code uses it extensively...
empty() is also going to need adjustment (to array['key'] == false) for any array['key'] checks as again it's used a lot.

5. array_combine() now returns an empty array() if the arrays are empty rather than false. Can't find any logic checks that use false instead of checking the array count but one to look out for.

6. Retired functions don't appear to be called but again need to watch out.

As it stands, point 4. means that the existing code is not PHP5.5 compatible and a significant rewrite of the code will be required before 6.x code can be used with PHP5.5.

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Re: ISC6.x & PHP 5.5 work through

Post by CharlieFoxtrot »

We're still chugging along with version 4.07... but with all the improvements and customization that's been done, it's essentially a "new" shopping cart that uses much of the ISC-4 engine. We've gone too far to upgrade or consider another shopping cart solution, and all things considered... we're happy at this point. (And by "happy" I mean that we're happy with what we've done, not with the company.)

Our PHP version is 5.3.26 and we've changed (updated) all of the deprecated functions. Also upgraded the NuSoap toolkit with minimal difficulty.

From time to time, I'll discover an orphaned function... just an artifact that was left behind by the ISC programmers. Everything seems to work well with the latest Jquery EXCEPT the drag-drop feature for rearranging category orders. For this little bug, the easiest solution was to modify the document head panel with some global variables that --- when viewing the category list --- would allow me to comment-out the <script> tag for the newest Jquery and insert an alternate script-tag that loaded an earlier version.

Not very elegant, but it works. I'm sure there must be some other solution (perhaps even updating the drag/drop functionality with JqueryUI). But, for now, it works well enough.

I hope all is well with you, Martin and that fatherhood is everything you hoped it would be.

ISC 4.0.7

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